This is an active ingredient of a new generation – a 100% dry, natural extract of Crocus sativus, without added preservatives, colourants, or perfume. It is extracted without alcohol or other skin-harming solvents. Violet Gold gives your complexion a rich bouquet of antioxidant compounds.

Violet Gold by Saff was born when the power of nature met the might of biotechnology. We called it Purple Gold because these two words best describe its physiological activity. We present to you a vital creation – a magical violet crystalline network, created for the most sophisticated cosmetic formulas.

The purple Violet Gold crystal contains concentrated flavonoids and polyphenols. Flavonoids, also called bioflavonoids or vitamin P, are natural biologically active compounds found in plants. They owe their aroma to them, flavonoids also colour the flowers in intense blue-violet, red, yellow and orange colours and protect them from harmful ultraviolet radiation. There are many types of free radicals that can accelerate ageing and various antioxidants that neutralise them. For example, oxidative stress and free radicals caused by exposure to UV rays are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to damage and premature ageing. Flowers are especially rich in these forms of antioxidants because they are constantly exposed to the sun and need protection from harsh radiation. It is to them that crocuses owe their high antioxidant activity, thanks to which free radicals are neutralised.

The storage of all biologically active components in the extract is a combination of ecologically clean area of cultivation, fine extraction, without harmful extractants and drying under mild temperature conditions. We use the benefits of these natural protection mechanisms in the Saffron & Rose collection to ensure calm and hydrated skin, protected from environmental aggressors and premature aging.

Content of polyphenols and flavonoids in dry saffron crocus extract mg/100g

Flavonoid content in dry saffron extract, standardised with 25% maltodextrin. Content of flavonoids, mg/100g

Phenolic acids in dry saffron extract, standardized with 25% maltodextrin. Content of phenolic acids mg/100g